The Truth about Bone Thugs-N-Harmony & Mo Thugs


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  • K9 compton 6 years ago

    That’s what’s up homie I see you

  • eric holmes 7 years ago

    For all rappers trying to get on and signed and known must realize that Bone Thugs and Mo Thugs will always be the greatest rappers lyrically.”Believe” they signing more of the best rappers that’s why i like the song Might Mighty Warriors.At the end Krayzie summed it up you have to have skills.I carry a recorder cause i be having lyrics so as soon as it come in my mind i record it and write it down.Tascams is good.It’s best to keep notebooks pins and paper at all time and write your lyrics as soon as you get it.God grouped Layzie and Krayzie together check the lyrics on 71 The Gate Way they just kilt it.So you know who you should deal with.Most of you school teacher and parents need to be more on your job cause it so much talent and money to be made.Don’t be afraid to look up vocab rhyming words and how to pronounce them.?