The BEST Slam Dunker In The

Published on August 27, 2018 by

The self proclaimed best dunker in the Universe Myree Bowden aka Reemix easily dunks over men 7 feet tall. At 6’1 he regularly dunks over groups of 4 or more people and wins dunk contests year after year.

He won the Nike dunks contest in 2017 and the Nike dunk contest 2018 proving his basketball and slam dunk skills are unmatched. Reemix has made a name for himself as being one of the greatest dunkers ever.

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  • siYo FixeD 1 year ago

    He better then all the nba players that everyone think are so great.

  • duketango 1 year ago

    They not showing the trampoline

  • Mouse Brains 1 year ago


  • Barry Sterling 1 year ago

    Great video.

  • OrangeMCE 1 year ago

    Probably has no jump shot so he learned to dunk?

  • Dom2k 1 year ago

    What’s his vertical?

  • Mike Zampidis 1 year ago

    I’ve seen this guy dunk many times but after viewing this video, I have a new appreciation for him.

  • E JAY 1 year ago

    That last dunk is insanity

  • ayoo envee 1 year ago

    always wondered can you dunk without your shoes??

  • RedGiraffe 1 year ago

    Yes, but can he play defense??

  • Drey 1 year ago

    He makes it look so easy?

  • Elijah Burnnns 1 year ago

    Every time I hear somebody say Lebron is trash I just end the conversion right there cause I know they hatin

  • Reggie 1 year ago

    @almightyJabar Bro don’t u mean 185 lol

  • Toc Oki 1 year ago

    Athleticism on another spacetime continuum…

  • Almighty Jabar 1 year ago

    Insane how a guy does this while being 285 lbs?

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