Actor Mr. Marcus Says He’s Been In 1,500 Adult Movies

Published on May 21, 2014 by

Adult film super star Mr. Marcus talks openly about the ups and downs of his career. Including all STD rumors and being with over 10,000 women.

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  • 4 years ago

    seen all is movies

  • Dino 5 years ago

    Way to be a man dogg…I this can help a young brother learn how to handle there business in life. Oh yeah enjoy your work from a old dogg to a young dogg.

  • Mr. Anderson 7 years ago

    After watching this interview…I admit…I have a new found respect for Mr. Marcus and the industry. Life requires courage. Plain & simple. If you listen to his interview, you can hear the conviction in his voice and the realness that only comes from kats who are raised & born in this great State. I’m to believe that the stuff that Marcus is made of is pure Cali-Pride. I’m from Cali. Most afrikan amerikans I know and know of are pride & true “natural business minded creative go getters” who don’t take sh** from nobody, tells it like it is…all the time…and are natural attractors to the business game in any sense. I do hope this message gets across more than the 59 persons who has liked at the time of my comment…and if they don’t I’ll spell it out: Truthfulness and the art of being less judgmental towards our own kind is priceless. Bravo for Mr. Marcus and this new found Cali Faces site I’ve discovered. Awesome yo!

  • rmsolympic 7 years ago

    interesting information straight from the horse’s mouth. Ironically, those ducks were laughing hard in the background.

  • stacks1000 7 years ago

    thiz dude had all da bad hos n hiz moviez