Breeding $20,000 American Bullies

Published on May 9, 2018 by
Juan from the House of Blue Pit Bulls shows how he breeds
American Bullies. He shows the different types of bullies,
Including a pocket bully and micro bully and explains why the American Bully breed of dog is so expensive.
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  • Long Beach ABK 3 years ago

    Nice looking dogs.

  • Amstaff 64 3 years ago

    Great explanation of the dogs my friend.

  • Mikus Aurel 3 years ago

    Aint know way on god green earth I’m paying 20 racks for a damn dog that look like a fake pit.

  • Bosco t 3 years ago

    Where can I get one??

  • Van Powell 3 years ago

    Beautiful dogs

  • Marie 3 years ago

    This video makes me sad because I think of all those dogs he’s breeding ending up in shelters.0

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