3 of Magic’s Biggest Card Tricks Revealed!


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  • Richard Dominguez 6 years ago

    Over 30 years as a working magician and signed card to card box is still my favorite of effects. Thats because in closeup walk around it can all happen in the spectators hand, with no worry of early revelation. For walk around purpose I eliminated the final snap vanish by placing the box on the spectators hand and placing the deck on the box. Snap the card onto the deck and then turning over the top card to show the signed card has vanished (nice and clean). Thank you for sharing

  • dontcare 7 years ago

    ok yeah so the first trick i think every 1 caught on 2. But the following tricks were fantastic. camera or not i couldnt tell at all. Hes very good imo?

  • randel silver 7 years ago

    Very bold tricks indeed. I’m a magician myself, and I must say, although it’s a bit old fashioned magic: I like these.?

  • vassen han 7 years ago