Exotic Pole Dancer!

Honey talks about life as an Exotic Pole Dancer.

pole dancer

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  • Maria 8 years ago

    I am a 24 year old mother of 3 and I and my twin sister are very interested in dancing we even have our own pole We want too get our foot in the door to start but we need to conversation with someone with experience I Jane watched videos and you are bad ass girl I want too be an attest just like you….

  • Geert 8 years ago

    Danielle you are welcom if you ever come too Amsterdam 😉
    The intervieuwer Danielle, come life in peace over here..

  • silver price 8 years ago

    In the 1940’s, Sahji was one of the most popular of the exotic dancers of her day. She was more popular within the black community, dancing at premier nightclubs and cabaret over the US She was the classiest of exotic dancer. Her dancing was a mix of sexiness, sensuality, athletics, acrobatics, grace, and glamour in her dancing. She made her own costumes. She was a gorgeous petite sexy china doll of a dancer who truly captured what exotic dancing was all about.