Anti-abortion activists protesting with their kids!

Angry preachers and Anti-abortion activist goes on protests with his kids.

anti-abortion activist


  • Nerjon 7 years ago

    Those who end up in hell are those who have not had their sins forgiven by God and becmoe what the Bible calls born again . It may have committed the offense at any time before you received Jesus and still go to heaven. However, it is of course different if you continue to murder or rob banks after they have been saved.

  • Takashi 7 years ago

    It IS ok by the law (would, however, that there would be but also reziale that if you ban abortion, so does the number of illegal abortions, which would be harmful to a woman who would be more likely) Yes, it is morally wrong. God forgives sin, but it means that you can say that you could go and rob a bank or kill your neighbor just because you know that God will forgive?

  • mnjoe1964 8 years ago

    WOW! Dude get a grip really? your parents should have
    aborted ! just sayin The easter bunny told me the you are

  • Foggyday 8 years ago

    I believe this guy is Pastor Rick Grogan, not Grodin. He has been arrested 10 times in DC for his protests.

  • Armina 8 years ago

    Cool! That’s a cvleer way of looking at it!

  • Tomasz Kapler 8 years ago

    Another million kids a year is not that much, I mean for the planet to sustain. We shouldn’t think like that.

    The Christians should get objectively real about men’s emotions about abortion, our connection with the unborn, this is imho opinion a meaning of the resurrection about the planet.

  • Jedrzej 8 years ago

    This Man is very expressive… but He said truth. Man can’t kill other Man and is unimportant which period of development is He. If you can not foster child-return him for orphanage. This is much better than killing.

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