23yr Old Homeless Man

Homeless man talks about living on the streets.

homeless man

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  • Martin 7 years ago

    I feel really sorry for this guy! If i did see him on the street after this video i really want to give him a chance to make his life better. Im not rich, but to make one persons life better then that i would really try to help. Why cant someone give him just a chance, maybe 1-3 months with roof and try getting him into a job or something to do. If i got the chance i would help!

  • mayeth 7 years ago

    hi after watching this video I can’t help not to cry.cause even I’m fortunate to have a job as a Nanny for I didn’t finish my course in university.the discrimination is always there.and I experience to have nothing.to eat leftover foods,and It comes to the point that I self pitty and cry myself to sleep of why its happening to me.I come from philippines and I’m currently working here in hongkong.its so hard to be in a foreign land especially if people treat you differently.my heart goes to this man.th only thing I can offer him is prayer.that May God walk in his life.and more provisions will come on his way.and good health aside from the fact that his living in the street.but I believe everything is possible if we let God walk through our lives.I declare wealth and prosperity to his life.in Jesus name Amen..

  • Alessandro 7 years ago

    Being a Brazilian, who lived in NH(where mostly are rich), it’s hard to believe that this happens in the wealthiest country on Earth, specially in LA. Come on, America! Please, tell me somebody has offered him a job. His English is quite good and he could at least be working at McDonald’s. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t hand him cash, as it could perpetuate this situation or open avenues for bad habits, such as alcohol and other drugs.

  • Prayer For The Hurting Free Christian Prayers For All Occasions 8 years ago

    I like this post, enjoyed this one thanks for posting .

  • unknown 8 years ago

    i feel sorry for him 🙁 and its true there should be more shelter for the homeless people or a program that offers to help them,train them 2 work and alot more sigh…..but at least he has something to give god thanks for and that”s life , i know it may seem like crap but at least ur alive and there’s still hope for him.

  • Sandra 8 years ago

    That God is faithful to turn our mouirnng into gladness. He can take this tragic experience and make beauty out of it by giving me understanding and compassion for others and teaching me to cherish my family on earth even more.

  • taylor 8 years ago

    I agree!!!!! Please make an update !! would love to see how he’s been holding up

  • Yoe 8 years ago

    too much street noise, but interesting portraits here. cheers from germany!

  • johnny1 8 years ago

    The economy is terrible here , plastic bottles can bring in money , I think this way of life is a choice , but some people have been forced to the street.
    Drug addiction/drug use is rampant all over america.
    This guy is only 1 in thousands , we called them “grey children”
    people think all white people have money!

  • joe 8 years ago

    i would like to help him. My heart really goes out to him. He needs help

  • Jaqueline 8 years ago

    So much info in so few words. Tolsoty could learn a lot.

  • Adam 8 years ago

    Why can’t this guy go door to door and offer to mow lawns or something to residents, over here in Australia, we can create our own economy and services…

    Is it possible to do this over there in California, I mean he’s asking for money, but why can’t he offer a service of some sort and go clean himself up cut his hair, have a shave and go and something for them.

    Surely there is something he could do?

    I wish there was a way we could help this guy.

  • Rob 8 years ago

    I wonder how he is doing now … update us maybe ?

  • Nick Hatch 8 years ago

    Drug addiction is a huge problem in our country. This poor soul is a victim to the disease. Why is “bum fights” a tag also? Kind of messed up.

  • Madison 8 years ago

    This really touched my heart. I just wanna hug him 🙁 and talk to him he sounds like a really nice person.