How A Tattoo Model Sells Clothes On Instagram

Published on Jul 02, 2018 by admin
Fashion designer and model Byron is taking over the streets of Los Angeles with his new Race clothing line.
In just over a year he’s learned how to start a clothing line and went from being one of the many fashion designers in L.A. to one of the most recognizable faces in Southern California.
He’s created his successful business by making designer and custom clothes and selling them all on Instagram.
His success represents how creative entrepreneurs are using social media to change the way people buy and sell clothes.
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  • nightshade 2 days ago

    guy from the yg video

  • Laker nation 1 month ago

    Drug dealer on tha side lol

  • Ian said it 1 month ago

    Clothing lines never work unless u famous

  • Salvador 1 month ago

    How can I do this where do I go to get the clothes made?

  • MARISSA 1 month ago

    I follow him on instagram he’s also an actor.

  • Wen Quan 1 month ago

    market to white people bro that’s where the real money at

  • Teddy 1 month ago

    Big ups homie

  • Joey Guillen 1 month ago

    nice man ! go on and dont stop! love what youre doing

  • Southsider 1 month ago

    It’s gona be hard for people to take him seriously cause of how he look but I respect his hustle.

  • Lest. 1 month ago

    It’s always good seein a black man do something positive if I see u round ima grab one of them fits from u

  • Da man all day 100 1 month ago

    I ain’t never seen dude in the streets but ok

    • Teddy 1 month ago

      just cause u aint seen him doesnt mean he aint in the streets LA is big u aint seen everybody lol

  • Chrystal 1 month ago

    do look like a banger lol

  • Bobby 90 1 month ago

    Do ur thing bro


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