Desto Dubb Describes The Dark Side Of Being Successful

Published on September 21, 2018 by

Desto Dubb is a Watts, Ca. rapper who’s arrest video went viral after he was found with multiple bottles of lean in his car.

Since then, he’s been known as the Juice Man with hits like “Born To Sale Juice” and “Face Tats” featuring Lil Pump.

He currently tours with rapper Lil Pump but says being famous and successful is not always as fun as it looks.

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  • only one Mr X Only one 4 weeks ago

    rappers & producers have to wise up and realize you don’t need this syrup to make music.
    dj screw & Pump C fell in to this fatal idea of drinking this cough mixture & Houston Rappers like Coughee Brothers
    also glamourize this ghetto high.

  • the cool show 4 weeks ago

    can u plz tell pump to change his hair style

  • FK 2nd 4 weeks ago

    Lmaooooooo get a uber

  • krezzo 1 month ago

    that purp drank aint no joke my nigga u betta eaze up on that shit for u end up havin them seizures like wayne

  • 21 ALBINO 1 month ago

    so he from watts and not a gang member? intereresting

  • Kirchbaby 1 month ago

    4:01 is real shit

  • boog90 1 month ago

    that’s an awful lotta cough syrup guy haha


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