Unbelievable Bodybuilder Workout

Bodybuilder and pilot bends a metal bar and discusses his bodybuilder workout.

bodybuilder workout


  • Kadir 6 years ago

    SMART men are finally starnitg to realize and understand that the BIG Muscled Body Builder look? is NOT what women are attracted to. 99.9% of women surveyed think the BB look is disgusting they much prefer the lean cut look of say, Tyler Durden in fight club. Also, the reason why so many young men today want to build their muscles so large is to compensate for their lack of intelligence. BIG BRAUNY gets Respect Intimidation in their eyes cuz they cannot WOW people with their intelligence.

  • Fred K. 7 years ago

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  • Togjeargo 7 years ago

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  • source 7 years ago

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  • site 7 years ago

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