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Cali Faces is a web based show created to highlight the many faces of California. Our goal is to show how millions of people from all different backgrounds co-exist in one amazing state.

You won’t find anything fake here. All real people sharing their lives, thoughts and opinions with each of you.


Latest Videos

The Sad Reason Why Girls Become Prostitutes

The Sad Reason Girls Become Prostitutes

4 months ago 15427117 3
Female Guitar Player with Amazing Voice

Guitar Player Sings with Amazing Voice!

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How to Make Weed Lasagna

How to Make Weed Lasagna!

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Mr. Marcus talks Girls and Std’s

Actor Mr. Marcus Clears STD Rumors

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Incredible 8yr old Guitar Player

Incredible 8-yr-old Guitar Player

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WTF Soccer Tricks!

WTF Soccer Tricks!

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14yr old does amazing freestyle soccer tricks!

14-yr-old Doing Freestyle Soccer Tricks!

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Champion Female Bodybuilder

World Champion Female Bodybuilder

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Chupacabra spotted in Downtown San Diego

Chupacabra Spotted in San Diego

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Insane 60 second rap video!

Insane 60 second rap video!

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Beautiful Aerial Silks Dancer

Beautiful Aerial Silks Dancer

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Hula Hoop Girls

2 Incredible Hula Hoop Girls!

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