50yr old rider does BMX Stunts on his bike!

Bobby Brown aka Mr. BMX does crazy BMX stunts on his BMX bike!

bmx stunts


  • Troll 6 years ago

    This guy is a joke .. He didn’t make the tail whip and it’s called a foot jam tail whip and I’m sorry but this guy needs to stop acting like he’s “mr.bmx” and go fined a job

  • Carrie Wyatt 6 years ago

    ????? Awesome!This is a lot of fun! Brings back the good ole bmx days when I was younger and rode.

  • Homer Perkins 6 years ago

    But even the best freestyle riders had to start off practicing bunny hops on a flat long before they were able to bust 10 foot airs out of the vert ramp.

  • Jasmine Everett 6 years ago

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